How To Become A Pilot

Learn How To Become A Pilot

Learn how to become a pilot with less time and money with Private Pilot Ground. Navigate the private pilot process using our simple step by step process.

How To Become A Pilot

Wait A Second... What Are The First Steps?

It can be a lot all at once. That’s why we’ve created a free guide on how to become a pilot. Learn where to start, how to save money, red flags, and most importantly how to become the best pilot you can be.


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Talk With A Certified Flight Instructor About First Steps!

Online Ground Class

Schedule Online Ground School Lessons With A Ground Instructor!

FAA Certified Flight Instructors

All instructors on Private Pilot Grounds platform are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide either ground training, flight training, or both.

FAA Private Pilot Instructor

Private Pilot Ground School

To obtain your private pilot’s license you’ll need to get a 70% or above on the FAA private pilot written test. Connect with a certified ground instructor to begin ground school for the FAA written test!

How To Become A Pilot Guide

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