How To Become A Pilot

Online Pilot Ground School

Receive face to face online pilot ground school from live FAA certified instructors. Learn from the comfort of your home, office, or even your car!

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Step 1: Connect With An Instructor

Get Connected With A Class Or Instructor Using The “Class Enrollment” Menu above. 


Step 2: Class Enrollment

Once you’ve been connected with an instructor you guys set the schedule of your ground lessons! Payment for lessons is managed by each instructor

Step 3: Get Ground Lessons

Establish a schedule with your instructor and continue ground training until your ready for your FAA written test!

Don't Just Pass Dominate Your FAA Written Test

Don’t pay for FAA written practice tests! PSI is the official testing partner of the FAA and they contain the most up to date FAA private pilot written questions. Best of all PSI offers FREE and UNLIMITED practice testing on their website. All you need is an FAA certified instructor to provide a written endorsement to take the test. Good news! ALL students enrolled in a PPG class get this written endorsement INCLUDED in the course price. Simply submit three written practice test of 80% or better HERE for your written endorsement. 

Life's Busy Make It Easy With PPG

Uncomplicate your online pilot ground school with PPG. This convenient, effective, and low cost solution allows students to learn all the concepts needed to become a better private pilot. You can pass the written with any online course, but will you be a top-notch aviator? With PPG we focus on educating aspiring pilots with REAL instructors who have REAL experience. 

"You can pass the written with any online course, but will you be a top notch aviator?"

No Hassle Money Back Policy

To be in business we have to offer superior online pilot ground schooling. If you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your money with no hassles! All we ask is to cover our credit card processing and administration fees. These fees add up to 10% and will be subtracted from the purchase price. Refunds are pro-rated meaning you will be refunded for the number of lessons you didn’t complete. In addition, we ask for your feedback if you do want a refund to help us improve.

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If you’re not satisfied we’d like to know! Our mission is to produce better pilots. Simply provide feedback for a refund!

Better Pilots Require Better Training

Being a better pilot means receiving better training. Simply watching course videos and answering one sided questions will create a one sided pilot. PPG’s online pilot ground school is an Interactive classroom where students are able to ask questions and learn face to face with certified instructors. This not only produces a better pilot, it produces a safer pilot!

We get it… life is a balancing act, but why do our dreams have to take a back seat? At PPG our mission is to provide high level training to busy individuals by offering live online pilot ground school classes. Don’t sacrifice your life or your dreams. Keep it all together and learn when you want where you want.

Online Pilot Ground School

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